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Add Character

Adds a character to the specified tile within the map (if the tile is not already occupied by another character). The entity ID is optional and will be assigned to the new character if supplied.


add_character(model_name, tile, entity_id)
model_nameModel to use for the new character.StringYes
tileID or coordinate of the tile where the character will be placed.String, CoordinateYes
entity_idUnique entity ID that will be assigned.StringNo

The Remove Entity function can be triggered later to remove a character that was previously added to the scene with the Add Character function.

Return ValueDescriptionType
Character AddedReturns a reference to the character that was added.Entity


add_character("purple_slime", "dungeon_door_01", "slime_01");

Results: A purple slime will be added to the map on the tile having ID “dungeon_door_01” and will be assigned an ID of “slime_01”.

Use the Add Character function to introduce new NPCs into the scene. After being added, you can use the Set Dialogue function to assign a dialogue to the character or the Set Character Name function to change their name.

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