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Entity is a generic term that refers to a tile, object, character, or effect within the current scene. In the context of scripting, it is a variable type that's used to reference entities by several possible methods. These are described in the table below. If the argument type for a scripting function is “Entity”, either one of these types can be supplied or just the ID of the entity as a string.

Reference TypeDescriptionExample
Entity by IDThe entity with the specified unique ID.look_at_target(entity[“orange_cat”])
SelfThe entity to which the script was assigned.play_animation(self, “open”)
PlayerThe primary player character. When referenced during a turn-based battle, this will be the active or most recent party member based on the current turn.set_movement_speed(player, 60)
Tile by CoordinateThe tile at the specified XYZ coordinate.tile[2, 4, 0]
InitiatorThe character who triggered the script through interaction.damage_entity(initiator, 2)
Party MemberThe party member with the specified member ID. Supplying a member ID of “player” will return the primary player character.heal_entity(party.member[“Sarah”], 5)
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