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Game Controls


SpaceProceed through dialogue, end combat turn.
IShow/hide inventory (if enabled for the game).
MShow/hide minimap (if enabled for the game).
ESCPause or resume the game (or quit to desktop if the pause menu is not enabled).

Standard Mode

Left Mouse ButtonMove to tile or interact with character/object.
Right Mouse Button + DragRotate camera clockwise or counter-clockwise.
Scroll WheelZoom camera in or out.

First-Person Mode

Left Mouse ButtonMove to tile or interact with character/object (if mouse navigation is enabled in the First-Person settings).
Left Mouse Button (Hold)Move forward.
Right Mouse Button + DragLook around.
W, Up ArrowMove forward.
S, Down ArrowMove backward.
A, Left ArrowTurn left.
D, Right ArrowTurn right.
Q, Shift + Left ArrowStrafe left.
E, Shift + Right ArrowStrafe right.
Left Analog Stick, D-PadMove forward/backward, turn left/right.
Left/Right Trigger ButtonsStrafe left/right.

Roguelike Mode

W, Up ArrowMove/interact up.
S, Down ArrowMove/interact down.
A, Left ArrowMove/interact left.
D, Right ArrowMove/interact right.
QRotate camera counter-clockwise.
ERotate camera clockwise.
Left Analog Stick, D-PadMove/interact up, down, left, or right.
Right Analog Stick Left/RightRotate camera left or right.
Right Analog Stick Up/DownZoom camera in or out.
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