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Game Controls


SpaceProceed through dialogue, end combat turn.
IShow/hide inventory (if enabled for the game).
MShow/hide minimap (if enabled for the game).
ESCPause or resume the game (or quit to desktop if the pause menu is not enabled).
F12Take a screenshot. Screenshots are stored in your system's “Pictures” folder.

Standard Mode

Left Mouse ButtonMove to tile or interact with character/object.
Right Mouse Button + DragRotate camera clockwise or counter-clockwise.
Scroll WheelZoom camera in or out.

First-Person Mode

Left Mouse ButtonMove to tile or interact with character/object (if mouse navigation is enabled in the First-Person settings).
Left Mouse Button (Hold)Move forward.
Right Mouse Button + DragLook around.
W, Up ArrowMove forward.
S, Down ArrowMove backward.
A, Left ArrowTurn left.
D, Right ArrowTurn right.
Q, Shift + Left ArrowStrafe left.
E, Shift + Right ArrowStrafe right.
Left Analog Stick, D-PadMove forward/backward, turn left/right.
Left/Right Trigger ButtonsStrafe left/right.

Roguelike Mode

W, Up ArrowMove/interact up.
S, Down ArrowMove/interact down.
A, Left ArrowMove/interact left.
D, Right ArrowMove/interact right.
QRotate camera counter-clockwise.
ERotate camera clockwise.
Left Analog Stick, D-PadMove/interact up, down, left, or right.
Right Analog Stick Left/RightRotate camera left or right.
Right Analog Stick Up/DownZoom camera in or out.
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