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Item Editor

The Item Editor allows you to define items for your game. This includes anything that the player will be able to collect in their inventory or that can be placed into item containers, like potions, keys, weapons, or even quest items that the player must retrieve for an NPC.

Use the Give Item function in your game's startup script to give the player one or more of these items at the beginning of the game, for example to start them off with a health potion or two.

To create a new item, click the “New Item” button () on the toolbar. If you'd like to remove an existing item, select it in the item list on the left then click the “Delete” button () on the toolbar.

Currently, the Item Editor is in an early state of development and items only have a few basic properties that can be set. Refer to the table below for descriptions of each property.

NameName of the item. This is displayed on the item's tooltip in-game when the player hovers over it and when referencing the item in scripts (for example, in the Give Item function or “contains” conditional expression). When referencing an item in a quick script, the case should match exactly as it is defined in the Item Editor (i.e. case-sensitive).
DescriptionOptional description of the item that is displayed on the item's tooltip in-game.
ImageImage to display for the item in the inventory/container grid. The image should be 32×32 pixels in size.
UsableDetermines whether the item will be used/consumed if the player right-clicks on it.
Number of UsesDetermines the number of times a usable item can be used/consumed, with zero meaning unlimited uses. This property is only available if the item is marked as usable.
ScriptOptional script that will be triggered when the player uses the item. This property is only available if the item is marked as usable. The item's ID will be stored in the $item_id local variable, and the item's codex will be stored in the $item local variable.
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