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A codex is a data type with its data stored as key/value pairs. Each key is a unique string and acts as a lookup for its corresponding value within the codex, similar to a dictionary. The key/value pairs are enclosed by square brackets after the “codex” keyword, with each key written as a string and a colon between a key and its corresponding value. Key/value pairs are separated by commas. If loading data from a JSON file and it contains an object with properties, the object will be stored as a codex (see Data Files).


codex["id": "ITEM_0001", "count": 5]

The codex variable above will contain a lookup with keys named “id” and “count”, with corresponding values of “ITEM_0001” (as a string value) and 5 (as a number value). You could create a JSON data file containing an array of these codices as an easy way to maintain a list of items to give to the player when the game starts.

Modifying a Value:

$my_codex = codex["id": "ITEM_0001", "count": 5];
$my_codex["count"] = 10;

The script above creates a codex variable containing lookups for an item ID and a numeric count value, then modifies the count to 10.

Inserting a Value:

$my_codex = codex[];
$my_codex["unique_key"] = "Some Value";

The script above creates an empty codex variable, then inserts a new key/value pair with a key of “unique_key” and a string value of “Some Value”.

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