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An item represents anything that the player is able to pick up and collect in their inventory or place into item containers. This includes potions, keys, weapons, or even quest items that the player must retrieve for an NPC. The items for your game are defined in the Item Editor.


Certain item properties can be accessed from scripts, for example to get the display name of an item by ID or to check the stack size of an item in a particular storage slot.

Retrieving an item's name and description:

$item_name = item["ITEM_0001"].name;
$item_desc = item["ITEM_0001"].description;

Retrieving the ID and count (i.e. stack size) of an item in a storage slot:

$item_id = widget["test"].element["0001"];
$item_count = widget["test"].element["0001"].item.count;
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