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Effects are visual particle effects created in the Effect Editor. They can be attached to a model's attach point in the Voxel Editor or added dynamically in-game via the Add Effect scripting function. Since an effect is a type of entity, they can be removed from the scene completely via the Remove Entity function.

It's important to note that “One-Shot” effects added via the Add Effect function will need to be triggered using the Enable Effect function once they've been added to the map (or whenever the particles need to be emitted).


Refer to the table below for a list of effect properties that can be accessed from a script. If the property's value can be changed using an assignment statement, it will be noted in the description.

<effect>.idEntity ID of the effect. This can be used to either retrieve or change the ID of the effect.
<effect>.typeType of entity, in this case the constant value EFFECT.
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