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A coordinate is a scripting data type that represents a 3D position within the current map and is written as coord[x, y, z]. The X and Y values correspond to the horizontal position and are measured in tile units, while the Z value corresponds to the vertical position and is measured in voxel units. Each tile, object, and character within a map has its own coordinate based on its placement within the map.


coord[3, -2, 10]

The example above represents the position 3 tiles to the east, 2 tiles to the north, and 10 voxels above the center of the map, or more specifically at the base of the tile with coordinate (3, -2, 10) as displayed in the Map Editor.

In certain cases (for example when supplied to the Move Camera and Look At Target functions and their various counterparts), the X, Y, and Z coordinate values can be specified as decimals with fractional parts in order to fine tune the 3D position.


coord[0.5, 0.5, 24]

Using the example above as a destination for the Move Camera function would place the camera at a height of 24 voxels above the southeast corner of the map's center tile (i.e. tile (0, 0, 0)).

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