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Move Camera

Instantly moves the camera to the specified (X,Y,Z) coordinate or named camera position. A target to aim the camera towards can optionally be specified. If using a camera position for the destination, this “look at target” will override the angle.


move_camera(destination, look_at_target)
destinationDestination coordinate or camera position.Coordinate or StringYes
look_at_targetCoordinate or entity to aim the camera towards.Coordinate or EntityNo

Lock Camera must be called before using this function to prevent the player from manually controlling the camera.


move_camera("Inside House", entity["Cat"]);

Results: The camera instantly moves to the location defined by the “Inside House” camera position and is aimed towards the “Cat” character.

Use the Move Camera function to focus on certain characters/events during a cutscene or to indicate to the player that something in the scene has changed.

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