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Camera Positions

Camera positions provide a way of storing a particular camera angle and location within a map which can be used or referenced elsewhere at a later point in time, both in the editor and your game. To save the current camera position while in the Map Editor, click the “Save Camera Position” toolbar button and then enter a name in the resulting dialog.

In order to fine tune the position of the camera, you can enable the “Free Camera” mode by clicking its corresponding toolbar button next to the “Save Camera Position” button. Refer to the Controls section of the Map Editor guide for a list of controls you can use to move the camera around in this mode.

Once stored, camera positions can be managed from the Map Properties panel. Clicking the “eye” button will move the editor camera to that position, and clicking the red “X” button will delete that camera position.

There are a few different uses for camera positions, and more will be added as the engine grows. Continue reading below for descriptions of each use.

Quick Access for Editing

In relation to editing, camera positions are a effective way of quickly jumping to specific locations within the map. This is especially convenient when you are frequently making changes to a particular area of a map.

Camera Scripting

Camera positions are also very useful for cutscenes in your game. There are a few scripting functions currently available that let you move the camera to one of the positions stored in the current map.

The UI Editor for the Main Menu allows you to specify a map as the menu's background. If this option is used, you can select from one of that map's saved camera positions to customize the view that is shown in the background.

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