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Add Tile

Adds a tile at the specified coordinate within the map (if a tile does not already exist at that coordinate). The entity ID is optional and will be assigned to the new tile if supplied.


add_tile(model_name, coordinate, entity_id)
model_nameModel to use for the new tile.StringYes
coordinatePosition of the new tile.CoordinateYes
entity_idUnique entity ID that will be assigned.StringNo
Return ValueDescriptionType
Tile AddedReturns a reference to the tile that was added.Entity

After adding a new tile, you can use the Modify Navigation function to make the tile walkable from any adjacent tiles. For example, if you add a bridge tile on top of a river, you'll need to update the navigation to allow the characters to walk across it.


add_tile("wooden_floor_02", coord[10, 0, -1], "bridge");

Results: A new tile, using model “wooden_floor_02”, will be added to the map at coordinate (10, 0, -1) and given an ID of “bridge”.

Use the Add Tile function to place a bridge across a river or chasm after the player performs a certain action, opening up a new area for them to explore.

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