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Modify Navigation

Modifies the type of navigation and interaction allowed between two adjacent tiles. The acceptable values for navigation type are listed and explained on the Navigation and Interaction page.


modify_navigation(from_tile, to_tile, navigation_type)
from_tileTile to connect navigation from.EntityYes
to_tileTile to connect navigation to.EntityYes
navigation_typeNavigation type to set between the two tiles.Navigation TypeYes

See Replace Navigation if you'd like to update any navigation paths of a specific type relative to an entity instead of only between two adjacent tiles.


modify_navigation("tile01", "tile02", WALK_AND_INTERACT);

Results: Characters are now able to walk and interact between the tiles with IDs of “tile01” and “tile02”.

Use the Modify Navigation function to open up new routes for the player to travel through, for example when a door is opened or a blocking object has been removed from a tile.

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