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Navigation and Interaction

Navigation and interaction are concepts in RPG in a Box relating to the way the player character (and in some cases, NPCs) can walk around the map and interact with objects and other characters. When the player character is standing on a particular tile, they can potentially walk to the tiles in each cardinal direction (north, south, west, and east) from that tile, or interact with objects and characters on those tiles.

There are several different “navigation types” that determine whether or not the character is able to perform any of the above mentioned actions between two adjacent tiles.

Navigation TypeDescription
WALK_AND_INTERACTCharacters can both walk and interact between the tiles.
WALK_ONLYCharacters can only walk between the tiles (no interaction is allowed).
INTERACT_ONLYCharacters can only interact between the tiles (no walking is allowed).
PENDINGCharacters cannot walk or interact between the tiles, but a connection is maintained.
NONECharacters cannot walk or interact between the tiles.

A map's navigation paths can be modified using the Map Editor's “Connect” mode. Changes can also be made at game runtime via scripting (see Modify Navigation and Replace Navigation).

In the Map Editor, these navigation and interaction “connections” are visibly portrayed as colored grid lines, with each color representing a different navigation type. The navigation legend displays the color that corresponds to each type. If desired, the grid line colors can be customized from the Map Editor section of the Editor Settings dialog.

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