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Stats Editor


The Stats Editor allows you to set up an experience leveling table for your characters and view the default equipment slot configuration.

Built-In Character Stats

Refer to the table below for a list of built-in stats that can be retrieved or modified for a character.

Stat NameDescriptionID
HPHealth/HP of the character.“hp”
Max HPMaximum health/HP of the character.“max_hp”
XPTotal experience points earned by the character.“xp”
LevelCurrent experience level of the character.“level”
CurrencyAmount of currency held by the character.“currency”
AttackAttack value of the character.“attack”
DefenseDefense value of the character.“defense”
Movement RangeMovement range (in tiles) of the character. This stat is used in tactical turn-based combat.“move_range”
Movement SpeedMovement speed (in voxels per second) of the character.“speed”

A character's stats can be accessed in a script using the built-in “.stat” syntax along with one of the IDs listed in the “ID” column above. Refer to the code below for some usage examples.


player.stat["hp"] = player.stat["max_hp"];

Restores the player's health to the maximum value.

player.stat["currency"] += 100;

Increases the player's currency by 100.



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