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Fog is a type of weather effect that can be added to a map from the Map Properties panel. There are two types of fog that can be enabled: height fog and depth fog. The color of the fog is shared between both.

Height Fog

Height fog acts as a layer of fog that will spread horizontally across the entire map. The top of the fog will be at the “Fog Ceiling”, and it will be the most dense at the “Fog Floor”. The “Fog Ceiling” and “Fog Floor” height values are both measured in voxels (equivalent to a Z coordinate value in the tile coordinate system).

Depth Fog

Depth fog is most suitable for the first-person camera mode as it restricts the player's view of the map to a specified distance away from the camera. The “Fog Start” and “Fog End” values are distances measured in voxels and are relative to the current camera position. The fog will begin at the “Fog Start” distance, and it will be the most dense at the “Fog End” distance.

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