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Camera Types

There are currently 3 different camera types available to use for your game (with more to come). You can set the default camera type for your game from the “General” section of the Game Configuration. The camera type can also be overridden on a per map basis using the “Camera Override” setting found on the Map Properties panel.


This is the default camera type for RPG in a Box. The camera is positioned above the map at an angle of approximately 55 degrees and follows the player around as they walk. The camera can be rotated and zoomed in and out.


The first-person camera, as its name implies, is positioned from the perspective of the player. The player can click and hold the right mouse button to examine their surroundings, however movement is still limited to the tile grid as with the other camera types.


This is similar to the standard camera type but with the camera positioned directly above the player and looking straight down.

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