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Display Choices

Displays a set of choices to the player using a dialogue box. The list of choices must be provided as an array of string values. Once the player has selected an option, the choice will be stored into the result variable as a number (with 0 being the first option, 1 being the second, and so forth). This function, when paired together with the Display Message function, can be used to create simple, on the fly conversations without the need for a standalone dialogue file.


display_choices(message_text, choices, speaker)
message_textMessage text to display in the dialogue box.StringYes
choicesList of choices the player will be presented with.ArrayYes
speakerCharacter who will speak the message.EntityNo

You can use placeholder expressions within the message text, or even variables and properties on their own, if you'd like to display dynamic information (for example, the current value of a global property).


display_choices("Choose a reward!", array["Food", "Potions"], entity["Sarah"]);

Results: A dialogue box spoken by Sarah is displayed, containing the text “Choose a reward!” along with two options for the player to choose between.

Use the Display Choices function to provide a list of rewards for the player to choose from upon completing a quest or to provide a prompt that determines the next event in a cutscene when the player is faced with a decision.

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