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Set Entity Light Color

Changes the color of the light attached to the specified entity over a duration of time (with the assumption that the entity is a light source).


set_entity_light_color(entity, color, duration)
entityEntity that will have its light color changed.EntityYes
colorNew color for the light.ColorYes
durationFade duration from its current color to the new color.NumberNo

If you'd like to instantly toggle the entity's light on or off instead of changing its color, see the related Set Entity Light Enabled function.


set_entity_light_color(self, color[255, 0, 255], 1);

Results: The entity to which the script is attached (i.e. “self”) will have the color of its light change to magenta over a duration of one second.

Use the Set Entity Light Color function to dim/brighten a lamp in a room or to emulate a multi-color light (like an LED on an electronic device).

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