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Add Waypoint

Adds a waypoint to the specified platform tile.


add_waypoint(tile, waypoint_name, waypoint_coordinate)
tilePlatform tile to which the waypoint will be added.EntityYes
waypoint_nameName of the waypoint.StringYes
waypoint_coordinateCoordinate of the waypoint.CoordinateYes

The specified tile must have been previously configured as a moving platform either in the Map Editor or using the Create Platform function.


add_waypoint(entity["raft"], "east_river_bank", coord[7, 1, 0]);

Results: A new waypoint will be added to the tile with an ID of “raft”. The waypoint will be named “east_river_bank” and will be located at coordinate (7, 1, 0).

Use the Add Waypoint function along with the Create Platform function to allow the player to dynamically place a raft that they can then use to cross a wide river.

Editor Node:

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