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Set Entity Blocks Sight

Specifies whether or not the entity should block a character's line of sight. This is used by the experimental fog of war feature and will be used in other line of sight calculations in the future.


set_entity_blocks_sight(entity, blocks_sight)
entityEntity that will have its “Blocks Line of Sight” property changed.EntityYes
blocks_sightDetermines whether or not the entity blocks line of sight.BooleanYes

Use the corresponding “Blocks Sight” property on the Model Properties panel to set its initial value. For example, a closed door should initially block the player's sight.


set_entity_blocks_sight(self, false);

Results: The entity to which the script is attached will no longer block the player's line of sight.

Use the Set Entity Blocks Sight function to allow the player to see beyond a door once it has been opened by indicating that the door should no longer block line of sight.

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