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Rotate Entity Towards

Rotates an entity to face towards another entity over the specified duration (in seconds). The target entity can optionally be rotated to face towards the first entity simultaneously.


rotate_entity_towards(entity, target_entity, also_rotate_target, duration)
entityEntity to rotate.EntityYes
target_entityTarget entity to rotate the first entity towards.EntityYes
also_rotate_targetDetermines if the target entity should also be rotated towards the first entity.BooleanYes
durationDuration of the rotation (in seconds).NumberYes


rotate_entity_towards(player, entity["purple_slime"], true, 1);

Results: The player character is rotated to face towards the entity with an ID of “purple_slime” over a duration of one second. The purple slime is also simultaneously rotated to face towards the player character.

Use the Rotate Entity Towards function to have characters look at each other during a cutscene or to have them look towards an object that is the focus of a conversation.

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