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Load Map

Loads the specified map and places the player onto the tile at the specified (X,Y,Z) coordinate. The initial direction for the player to face towards is optional. If a direction is not supplied, it will remain unchanged (with a default of south if loading a map for the first time). If the player is already in a map, the screen will fade out and then fade back in once the new map is loaded.


load_map(map_name, player_coord, player_direction)
map_nameName of the map to load.StringYes
player_coordCoordinate of the tile on which to position the player.CoordinateYes
player_directionCardinal direction to face the player towards.Cardinal DirectionNo


load_map("Dungeon", coord[2, -3, 1], EAST);

Results: The map with resource name “Dungeon” is loaded and the player is placed onto the tile at coordinate (2, -3, 1) facing east.

Use the Load Map function to launch an initial map from your game's startup script or to link a tile in one map to another (for example, stairs leading down into a dungeon).

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