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Image Editor

The Image Editor is a simple pixel-based editor that allows you to edit the appearance of certain built-in UI components, like the dialogue box. The editor can be accessed from the UI Properties panel of the Theme Editor by selecting an image and then clicking the “Edit” button. In the future, this Image Editor will be expanded into more of a standalone tool that can also be used to create images for other purposes, for example to design images for your game's items.

Left Mouse ButtonDraws a pixel with the currently selected color and opacity.
Alt + Left Mouse ButtonSelects the color and opacity of the pixel at the cursor's position.
Right Mouse ButtonErases the pixel at the cursor's position.

If the image being edited is a 9-patch image, magenta-colored “slice lines” will be drawn to indicate where the image is split apart. These lines can be toggled on and off using the “Show slice lines” checkbox.

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