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Enemy Editor

The Enemy Editor allows you to define enemy types that will be available for use when setting up battles in the Battle Editor. Since combat is in the very early stages of development, the customization possibilities are fairly limited at this time.

To add an enemy type, click the “New Enemy” button () on the Enemy Editor toolbar. This will add a new enemy type to the list on the left. Selecting an enemy from this list will allow you to configure its settings using the detail panel on the right. Refer to the table below for an explanation of each setting.

NameName of the enemy (for display purposes). Currently only used for the “Available Enemies” list in the Battle Editor, but will eventually be used in-game when displaying information about enemies.
ModelModel to use for the enemy. The same model can be used for multiple enemies, for example to create enemies with the same appearance that drop different loot.
LootItem that will be given to the player when an enemy of this type is defeated. These items are defined in the Item Editor. Future functionality will allow for more complex/random loot drops.

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