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Credits Editor

The Credits Editor allows you to set up the credits roll for your game and can be accessed from the UI Editor tab located at the top of the application. The credits roll can be triggered using the Show Credits function once the player has completed a game-ending event. The game will return to the Main Menu once the credit roll has completed (or prompt the player to press ESC to quit if the Main Menu is not enabled for your game).

The settings for your credits can be modified from the UI Properties panel on the left. Refer to the table below for an explanation of each setting.

Background TypeDetermines what will be shown in the background of the credits. Supported types include a solid color or map.
Background ColorColor to fill the background with if “color” is selected for the background type.
Background MapMap to display in the background if “map” is selected for the background type.
Camera PositionCamera position to use if “map” is selected for the background type.
MusicMusic to play while the credits are active.
Edit CreditsClicking this button will open the “Edit Credits” dialog, allowing you to enter the text that you'd like to display for your game's credits.
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