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Combat Systems

Tactical Turn-Based

Tactical turn-based is the default combat system for RPG in a Box and is set up in the Combat Editor. In the current implementation, the player and enemies can move to a tile within their movement range (and optionally attack) during each turn. Future implementations will build out other common aspects and take inspiration from tactical RPGs like the Shining series and some of the older Ultima games.


Real-time combat is set up on a per character basis in the Map Editor. To create a real-time enemy, you simply enable the “Attackable in Real-Time” setting in the Behavior Settings section of the Entity Properties panel for that character.

Menu-driven turn-based combat is set up in the Combat Editor. When triggered in first-person mode, the enemies will spawn on the current tile in front of the player (similar to dungeon crawlers like Shining in the Darkness).

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