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Ambient Light

Ambient light is a type of lighting built into each map that uniformly lights the entire scene with the configured color. It affects everything in the map by the same amount regardless of its location. Ambient light is different than a directional light in that it doesn't have any direction or point of origin. In the image below, the only light enabled is the map's ambient light. As you can see, there are no shadows or shaded surfaces since it lights everything evenly.

The table below describes each of the settings that can be adjusted for an ambient light from the Map Properties panel.

ColorColor of the light emitted. You can use the Set Ambient Light Color function to change the color of a map's ambient light via scripting.
EnergyDetermines the initial energy amount, or strength, of the light. You can use the Set Ambient Light Enabled function to change the energy of a map's ambient light via scripting. Disabling the light with this function will set its energy to 0, and enabling it will set its energy to 1.
Ambient OcclusionToggles ambient occlusion (specifically SSAO) for the map. Ambient occlusion darkens concave areas to give the scene a more realistic look.
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