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Text Field

A text field is a widget element for displaying text within a scrollable box. This is useful for descriptions and other instances of multi-line text that could vary in length. It can also be used as a text entry field, allowing the player to input text.

Element Properties

Element IDID for the text field. This ID must be unique amongst other elements within the same widget. It is currently auto-generated but will be editable in a future update.
TextText that will be displayed in the text field.
Read-OnlyDetermines whether or not the field's text can be edited. When read-only is enabled, the player won't be able to type into the field.
FontFont that will be used for the field's text. If the “Default” option is selected, your game's default dialogue font will be used.
Font SizeFont size to use for the field's text.


You can access and change certain properties of a text field from within a script by simply referencing the parent widget and the element by their unique IDs. See below for examples of both changing the field's text and storing the field's text into a variable. In this case, the widget has an ID of “test” and the text field has an ID of “0001”.

Changing a field's text:

widget["test"].element["0001"].text = "New Text"

Storing a field's text into a variable:

$name = widget["test"].element["0001"].text;
display_message("Hello, " + $name + "!")
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