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Options Menu

The Options Menu is a screen that can be accessed in-game from either the Main Menu or Pause Menu (if those screens are enabled for your game). This menu allows the player to adjust various settings related to the game. If any of these settings are changed, they will be stored in a “settings.cfg” file within your system's application data folder.

Refer to the table below for an explanation of what each setting affects.

Display ModeToggles between fullscreen mode and windowed mode.
Invert MouseDetermines the behavior of the Y-axis when using the mouse or analog stick to control the camera. When inverted, moving the mouse or analog stick down will cause the player to look upward and vice versa.
Keyboard LayoutDetermines whether to use the QWERTY or AZERTY keyboard layout for movement controls. This setting is only available for first-person games or the experimental roguelike mode.
LanguageDetermines which language to use when displaying text in the game. This setting is only available if your game includes multiple translations. See the localization page for more information.
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