Release v0.0.9-alpha is now available – a lot of new things this time around! The major new features in this release include an Enemy Editor and Battle Editor along with a basic combat implementation, as well as conditional expressions and scripting within dialogue. There are a bunch of other minor new features included also, so check out the Download page for a full list of the changes! So far with this project, I have been trying to take a "broad and shallow" approach of sorts. My goal is to create very basic implementations of as many core features as possible up front and then loop back through and flesh out the features in more detail, add more options for customization, etc. This will help get my overall vision of the tool out there, and since I am still experimenting with certain aspects it will make it easier to adapt to changes. Unfortunately, this means that in these early alpha versions there may be issues with backwards compatibility between releases, but I hope to have these sorts of things locked down once the software reaches a beta state. Please bear with me, and thank you for your interest! Any feedback is greatly appreciated.