New Features/Changes:

  • Added ability to swap out items in equipment slots without first needing to remove any existing item that's currently assigned to the equipment slot
  • Updated icon for skill slots in the Widget Editor to use the new "spell" icon in place of the "jump" icon (which is now used for free movement/physics)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where dragging an existing skill slot in the Widget Editor to move it to a different position would cause the skill slot to disappear
  • Fixed issue where the "!contains" conditional operator was returning the incorrect result when checking that a codex didn't contain the specified key
  • Fixed issue where the "Assign Value" visual script node wasn't properly accepting some expressions as valid when entered into the "Variable or Property" field
  • Fixed issue where the "Interact" control icon/text was incorrectly remaining visible in the bottom right corner after a turn-based battle was started
  • Fixed issue where the "Attack" control icon/text was not properly showing during tactical turn-based battles if the player turned to face an adjacent enemy
  • Fixed issue where the icon for the item held with the cursor would sometimes incorrectly display a count of 0 when grabbing an item from an equipment slot
  • Fixed issue where changing the action for an existing input binding in the Game Configuration dialog was not being properly applied to the binding