New Features/Changes:

  • Added initial background map implementation for menu-driven turn-based battles (assigned in Combat Editor, party members spawn starting at center of map going eastward)
  • Added "Object enters tile", "Object stops on tile", and "Object exits tile" trigger events for tiles for use with pushable objects ($object variable contains object)
  • Added "On Equip Script" and "On Unequip Script" settings to the Item Editor for equippable items, which get triggered when the item is equipped/unequipped (self is character, $item is item)
  • Added "Random Speaking Pitch" character setting to the Voxel Editor which will randomize the pitch of a character's voice as they speak
  • Added "Scroll Wheel Grid Controls" editor setting for the Map Editor to turn off Shift/Ctrl + Scroll Wheel grid level controls
  • Added confirmation dialog to the Script Editor when pressing ESC or clicking the cancel button and the Bauxite source code field has been edited
  • Updated "Duplicate Frame" functionality in the Voxel Editor to copy any voxel groups to the newly created frame
  • Updated menu-driven turn-based battles to play death animations for enemies when applicable instead of immediately removing them from the map
  • Updated "Replace Navigation" scripting function to force the player to release a pushable object if navigation was removed between them and the object
  • Updated "Set Entity Model" scripting function to only replace the model when different than the current model in use
  • Updated Bauxite syntax highlighting to include "map" as a built-name variable name (e.g. when used with "" or "map.groups")

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed roguelike issue where mouse movement was inadvertently being allowed even when disabled by interacting with something from a distance
  • Fixed issue in the Voxel Editor with the option to automatically attach an object in-game not working properly
  • Fixed issue where voxel groups were not being updated when using the arrow buttons or the move tool to move grouped voxels
  • Fixed issue in the Map Editor where the scale of the pending character/object couldn't be adjusted with Shift + Scroll Wheel if the grid level was locked
  • Fixed issue where the new tile's collision override was not being applied when replacing a tile's model with "Set Entity Model"
  • Fixed issue with navigation paths not being properly updated in some scenarios when the player would push an object to a new tile
  • Fixed issue with "Duplicate" functionality not working properly when attempting to duplicate an effect from the Game Explorer
  • Fixed issue with "Reset Entity Rotation" function not properly resetting the character's direction after being rotated with "Rotate Entity Towards"
  • Fixed issue with "mp" and "max_mp" stats not working properly in-game when attempting to access or modify their values
  • Fixed issue with "quests" and "skills" character properties not being accepted as valid syntax when used in a "for" expression (e.g. for $quest_id in player.quests)
  • Fixed issue with the Asset Library where the OK and Cancel buttons were outside of the dialog box when using the Russian localization
  • Fixed "nonexistent signal" error that would display in the console window when opening an item container


  • Updated "Map Editor" built-in docs to include info about pressing Delete in Connect/Navigation mode to remove all navigation paths to a tile
  • Updated "Map Editor" built-in docs to include info about Ctrl and Alt modifiers for picking a resource and/or grid level while in place mode
  • Updated "Character" built-in docs to include info about "name" property and "portrait" property