New Features/Changes:

  • Added a timed confirmation dialog that's displayed after changing the "UI Scale" editor setting which requires the change to be confirmed
  • Updated "Display Image" scripting function to show the default cursor for timed images and the interact cursor for images that require a click to proceed

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue with the "Rotate Entity Towards" scripting function where the direction property of the affected character(s) wasn't being properly updated
  • Fixed issue with the "Display Image" scripting function where the stretch modes weren't properly working for images that exceeded the window's width or height
  • Fixed issue with the "Display Image" scripting function where the player was able to click to proceed even if the image was given a timer duration
  • Fixed issue with the "Description" field for skills and status effects in the Skills Editor not updating properly when switching between items in the list
  • Fixed issue with minimum damage and maximum damage built-in item properties not being accepted as valid Bauxite syntax (e.g. $weapon.min_damage, $weapon.max_damage)
  • Fixed issue with the Italian localization that was affecting some of the dropdown fields (e.g. "Sound Effect" field on the "Add Animation" dialog)