New Features/Changes:

  • Added "Positional Sound" setting to the Voxel Editor for specifying that an animation's sound effect should be played positionally in 3D space
  • Added "Apply Status Effect" scripting function for applying a status effect to a character for a duration of time (e.g. apply_status_effect("STATUS_0001", player, 5))
  • Added "Remove Status Effect" scripting function for removing a status effect from a character (e.g. remove_status_effect("STATUS_0001", player))
  • Added "Clear Status Effects" scripting function for clearing all status effects from a character (e.g. clear_status_effects(player))

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue with particle effects configured to be automatically attached to models not displaying for entities that were already placed into a map (model resave needed)
  • Fixed issue with the Bauxite code missing commas between parameters for the "Display Image" function when placed into a visual script
  • Fixed issue with the color picker button not properly setting the alpha value when manually coding the "Display Image" function into a script
  • Fixed issue with not being able to assign a widget to the "Toggle Widget" action when setting up a key binding in the Game Configuration dialog
  • Fixed issue where the lock icon was showing for all widgets instead of only the built-in widgets when choosing one to assign to a key binding