New Features/Changes:

  • Added project template section to the Game Manager with options for blank project, bare bones project, default example game, and a new example game based on Kenney's 1-Bit assets
  • Added new models to the Asset Library that are based on Kenney's 1-Bit assets and are used by the new example game (21 tiles, 19 objects, and 3 characters)
  • Added "Fixed Vertical Axis" setting for billboard sprites to the Model Tools panel that keeps the sprite vertically upright regardless of camera angle (best suited for first-person)
  • Added "Controls" tab to the Gameplay section of the Game Configuration dialog for specifying which control types (mouse/keyboard/controller) are enabled for movement and interaction
  • Added ability to override the editor locale by creating a "locale.txt" file in the root installation folder containing a locale code (e.g. ja for Japanese)
  • Updated angle of directional light in the built-in example game's "overworld" map to match that of the default map settings
  • Updated Asset Library to not have the "fighter_01" model selected by default to prevent it from being inadvertently imported
  • Updated default example game to include an explanation of vehicle controls, moved welcome message to the startup script, and changed message of the house sign
  • Updated Patreon credits in the About dialog to reflect the up-to-date levels for each patron based on the number of months pledged at each tier

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue with multi-directional sprite functionality not working properly for the player character when the camera was rotated by the player
  • Fixed issue where the player character was being forced to continue climbing a climbable tile even when forced climbing was disabled
  • Fixed issue with grouping in the Voxel Editor where groups were being created for all frames of a model instead of only the current frame in some cases
  • Fixed "invalid get index" error that would display in the console when using the "Set Entity Model" function to change an object's model