New Features/Changes:

  • Added billboard sprite support to character models (8 directional sprites are generated from the 3D model, with support for manual sprite drawing coming later)
  • Added "Multi-Directional Sprite" checkbox to the Model Tools panel for indicating whether a model should show 8 directional sprites or only its front
  • Added button to the the palette area for enlarging the size of the color boxes (i.e. the old size prior to the 256-color palette)
  • Added ability to set the horizontal alignment of text labels in the Widget Editor from the Element Properties panel

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where auto-hiding was not taking effect immediately after a map was loaded (only once the player character had moved)
  • Fixed issue with projectiles no longer dealing damage when the player used a ranged weapon to attack an enemy
  • Fixed issue with more than one of a character being added to the same tile in the Map Editor when the character was set as passable