New Features/Changes:

  • Added initial functionality for dropping items (left click anywhere in the game world to drop the item currently being held with the cursor)
  • Added "Can Be Dropped" setting to the Item Editor for specifying whether or not an item can be dropped (enabled by default)
  • Added "Tool Item" setting to the Item Editor for indicating that an item is a tool (in preparation for future functionality)
  • Added options to the Game Configuration's Sound Effects section for "Item Grab" and "Item Drop" (played when grabbing/dropping items within widgets or from/onto the ground)
  • Added console command to enable a new debug mode ("debug on" and "debug off" to enable/disable), with initial functionality of displaying IDs in item tooltips
  • Updated usage text for the debug console to include the new debug mode command and to combine the "nav on"/"nav off" usage info into one line
  • Updated wording of the labels for the toolbar icon fields on the Widget Properties panel to be more descriptive (i.e. "Toolbar Icon" instead of "Image")

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where using Shift + Left Click to transfer items between the player's inventory and containers wasn't checking to ensure an open slot existed
  • Fixed issue where the item container screen would be empty when opening a container after having previously displayed a message via "Display Message"
  • Fixed issue where defeated real-time enemies were not being removed from the map when damage shake/flash was disabled
  • Fixed issue where the player could exit a vehicle via Ctrl + Left Click while the vehicle was still moving
  • Fixed issue with the fill tool in the Map Editor causing a crash when used with the contiguous option on certain map layouts
  • Fixed issue with the inventory widget not reappearing after a dialogue/message if it had been opened prior to the start of the dialogue/message
  • Fixed issue with mouse input that would sometimes occur when closing an inventory widget then reopening the management screen and the widget
  • Fixed release date year for the v0.6.3.0 change log from 2020 to 2021