Hi everyone! I’m happy to announce that the demo version of RPG in a Box is now available on Steam! If you’d like to give the software a try, click the “Download Demo” button on the right-hand side of the store page. For the moment, Windows and MacOS are the only supported platforms until I can get some issues worked out with the Linux builds (hopefully in the near future). I truly appreciate everyone’s patience and support so far! <3

Please keep in mind that RPG in a Box is still early in development and many features are incomplete or yet to be implemented. I’ll be using the Early Access period to implement and build out the remaining core RPG features like combat, leveling, quests, currency/merchants, etc. and to polish/expand existing features. In addition to these, I have many other exciting ideas in mind for the engine! For anyone interested, you can track my development progress in real-time on my Trello board and see what all is planned for the future of RPG in a Box.

Trello Board: https://trello.com/b/DOouCUhR

I’ve also included a link below to the official RPG in a Box Discord server. It’s currently the best way to get in touch to ask questions, report bugs, suggest features, etc. It’s also a great place for sharing screenshots and general discussion about your games. I always love getting to see what the community is creating!

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/zXqqqPj

Have fun creating! I look forward to growing the community and hopefully bringing everyone’s game ideas to life! 🙂