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A widget is a UI component such as the inventory window or item container window. A widget's layout is grid-based and contains child elements that either display information to the player (e.g. the player's health or description of a quest) or allow the player to interact with them (e.g. a button that triggers a script or a slot for placing an item into). Custom widgets can be created in the Widget Editor.

Custom widgets can be displayed in-game using the Show Widget scripting function. You can also add them to the management screen by adding their IDs to the comma-separated list of widgets in the “Experimental” section of your Game Configuration.


The following example scripts assume there is a widget with an ID of “test”, and the widget has a text field with an ID of “0001” and button with an ID of “0002”.

This script will close the widget and store the text that was entered into the text field.

$name = widget["test"].element["0001"].text;
display_message("Hello, " + $name + "!")

This script will change the text of the button to now be “New Text”.

widget["test"].element["0002"].text = "New Text"
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