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-A **widget** is a UI component such the [[inventory]] window or [[item container]] window. Custom widgets can be created in the [[Widget Editor]].+A **widget** is a UI component such as the [[inventory]] window or [[item container]] window. A widget's layout is grid-based and contains child elements that either display information to the player (e.g. the player's health or description of a quest) or allow the player to interact with them (e.g. a button that triggers a [[script]] or a slot for placing an [[item]] into). Custom widgets can be created in the [[Widget Editor]]. 
 +<WRAP center round info 100%> 
 +Custom widgets can be displayed in-game using the [[Show Widget]] scripting function. You can also add them to the [[management screen]] by adding their IDs to the comma-separated list of widgets in the "Experimental" section of your [[Game Configuration]]. 
 +You can access and change certain element properties from within a [[script]] by simply referencing the parent [[widget]] and the child element by their unique IDs. The following example code assumes there is a [[widget]] with an ID of "test", and it contains a [[text field]] with an ID of "0001" and a [[button]] with an ID of "0002".  
 +This script will close the [[widget]], store the text that was entered into the [[text field]] into a variable, then display a message to the player using their name. 
 +<code bauxite> 
 +$name = widget["test"].element["0001"].text; 
 +display_message("Hello, " + $name + "!"); 
 +This script will change the text of the [[button]] to "New Text"
 +<code bauxite> 
 +widget["test"].element["0002"].text = "New Text"; 
 ~~NOTOC~~ ~~NOTOC~~
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