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Progress Bar

A progress bar is a widget element for visualizing the progression of a value relative to a maximum value (for example, a traditional HP bar to show the player's current health compared to their maximum health). The tracked value and its maximum value are currently set using variable expressions.

Element Properties

Element IDID for the progress bar. This ID must be unique amongst other elements within the same widget. It is currently auto-generated but will be editable in a future update.
Fill ModeDetermines the direction in which the progress bar will be filled as the current value increases towards the maximum value.
Current ValueExpression that will be used in determining the current amount of progress (i.e. how much of the progress bar is filled). See Variable Expression Builder.
Maximum ValueExpression that will determine the progress bar's maximum value. When the current value is equal to the maximum value, the progress bar will be completely filled. See Variable Expression Builder.
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