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 ====Example:==== ====Example:====
 <code bauxite> <code bauxite>
-display_choices("Choose a reward!", array["Gold Coins", "Potions"], entity["Sarah"]);+display_choices("Choose a reward!", array["Food", "Potions"], entity["Sarah"]);
 </code> </code>
-//Results:// A [[dialogue]] box is displayed containing the text "Justin and Sarah's House".+//Results:// A [[dialogue]] box spoken by Sarah is displayedcontaining the text "Choose a reward!along with two options for the player to choose between.
 <WRAP center round tip 100%> <WRAP center round tip 100%>
-Use the **Display Choices** function to .+Use the **Display Choices** function to provide a list of rewards for the player to choose from upon completing a quest or to provide a prompt that determines the next event in a cutscene when the player is faced with a decision.
 </WRAP> </WRAP>
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