Release v0.0.10-alpha is now available! Although there’s not a lot of major new features this time around, there are definitely a lot of changes (including close to 20 bug fixes). A couple of the more interesting features I have implemented in this version include the minimap, the ability to enable basic shadows, and a new scripting function that lets you trigger an animation for a specific entity based on its ID.

I also enhanced the navigation/interaction system a bit. Now there are three different types of navigation/interaction that are allowed between two adjacent tiles. If two tiles are connected, you can choose from Walk and Interact (you can both walk between the two tiles and interact with objects or characters from one tile to the other), Walk Only (you can only walk between the two tiles – no interacting with objects or characters), and Interact Only (you can initiate interactions between the two tiles, but not walk). Interact Only is useful for objects like treasure chests, where you want the player to be able to interact from certain adjacent tiles (perhaps only from the front of the chest?) without being able to walk onto that tile.

There are a ton of other changes that you can check out on the Download page!